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Mystery World Science Show

by Post Moves

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released May 27, 2016

recorded by Mac Pogue at Type Foundry, November 2015
mixed by Philip Grass (Ben Durfee & Burton Schaber)
mastered by Mystery Room Mastering

Post Moves is
Sam Wenc - guitar, vocals, pedal steel, synth
Julian Morris - drums, vocals
Nathaniel Kornet - bass

Nathan Tucker on saxophone for tracks 4 and 7

Artwork by Ximena Bedoya // Lobby Art

Lobby Art // LA002



all rights reserved


Post Moves Portland, Oregon

7/6 @ Bunk Bar *album release*

7/13 @ Kenton Club

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Track Name: Romantic Dimwits
all the soothsayers
want to be booty shakers, truly
I curse all those romantic dimwits
but maybe in there was a house that could fit
my shoes, and my car, and my imposter vintage guitars

when I go to sleep, I freeze
when I am kept awake, I thaw

I look upon a field of iced over dreams
baby in this life I am thawing meat
when the fall comes I will shed a layer
and I will try to care
about the sentimental tug
unless I become an ornamental dud
Track Name: Toothpaste
I'm the shadow of a squirrel
thinking about my girl
and how I turned to stone
from my youthful gelatinous form
and how it smells in summer time
when the youth are primped and prime
to reach out from the winter
and leave family dinner's

in classic form
a tube of toothpaste is reborn
with contortionist bones
used up but free of scorn

I'm the shadow of a dog
with an invisible fence around my yard
thinking about tasty meals
and how one can deal
with the proportion of
this years crop yield
versus what you actually take home
do you love what you
take home?
Track Name: Mystery World Science Show
pronounced dead, at the scene you were in
where the wealth grew, from within
when did you begin
rockin and rollin
when we burn out
when we rust
we'll leave behind heat, exhaustion, and dust

we want to know
about the mystery world science show
it don't cost
but it sure as hell don't spare the pain and loss

cloudy disposition
towards all the things we're into
cloudy like my eyes when they wake
to the non-surprise that everybody is half-baked
stoned and stupefied
pass every set of eyes
they've all rolled over and they've died
Track Name: This Stuff!
separate g-d's children
into separate buildings
forced to look around but you only vomit once
holy mackerel! how do we put up with this stuff!?

when we go 'round again
when we go 'round

a heretic or cleric?
don't know who has planned this planet (they're nuts!)
I gotta bone to pick man, but the weeds have grown too thick
smokin', dopin', mal reportin'
hopin' for a fix

slip until you skate into an unintended fate
baby, maybe I need a beer

truckin in the present
leave only the crescent (for us)
balance on the point
slide down to the crux, the joint
roll another number
the road is getting dark tonight
Track Name: Raisin
I became a raisin
thought I was a grape
then along came a big old foot
and squished the juices from my face
I wanted to protect you from everything that was hard
but instead I became softer, more tender in your palm

everywhere I go
I will show
the coolest
side of the pillow
turn it over and you'll see
the smiling face of raisin bran
helping you get through your dreams
I'm already missin you

how are your calmer moments?
are they dense like milk duds?
wishing you were Paul Bunyan
swinging axes at tree trunks
I wanted to be your man for every time and place
don't let your love diminish now that I have egg on my face
Track Name: Rhinestone Ledger
he's gotta a can-do-'tude
a bitchin' new pair of shoes
but the only thing that causes him any fright
what if life was just a saturday night?
couldn't get out of his head in time
he's goin' down with the band

he was a country legend
with a rhinestone ledger
keepin' tabs on all who passed him by
saying things like “I wont play nice”
“til I fold myself into the night sky”
he's goin' down with the stars
he's goin' down with ain't anything at all
he's goin' down and it wont be long

he was burning up fast
hopin' he would last
through the night to see his honey pie
said, “I got a new song that's real nice”
“Its only a few chords, but the vibe is tight”
he's goin down with a hit
he'll sure as hell be known for it
he's goin down, he'll see ya there in a little bit
Track Name: DB's Nashville Scene
I didn't plan a party
cuz I didn't think it was your thing
but when you saw the empty room
I could tell immediately

I'm still shopping for a ring
its on the to do list, its the very first thing
but in the meantime, ill bake you a treat
will you love me for nothing?
Will you love me for free?

My favorite songs by David Berman
are the ones about Nashville and all his hurtin'
cuz in this world, of misguided matrimonial cues
whats a young boy and girl to do?
Track Name: The Undertaker Has Undertaken a New Undertaking
baby baby baby, don't.
mortal joy is against the ropes
swinging punches in the air
lets have fun, they declare
the undertaker has undertaken a new way of undertaking
in a choke or sleeper hold, he'll whisper
“you're getting old”

remember when
worldwide wrestling
filled your head
framed your conception
bout what we do
with all the bad dudes
out in the world

body slam or finger jam
a world of death flashes in the pan
folded chair cracks on your back
tag team partner has gone for a snack
as you lay down for the count
the megatron sings your swan song
Track Name: XO's
all you need in this life is love
and bunches of kisses and hugs
to protect from
the bottom
of your heart
cause when it is young
it carries the weight of
aging, becoming undone
so we hold on for fun

all in the blink of an eye
the Shadow world comes to life
all the dark borders choke out light
what lives in the day pushes against night
Track Name: Dancers Unite
late night, I put on country records
cuz when I met her, I told her I played country music
but I will dance and lose it, just so I don't lose you

so rid me of these cowboy-ish tendencies
and bring me to my knees
and to the dance floor
where I will shake my rump so I don't become a saturday night stump

dancers unite
before, your legs turn to worms in night
Track Name: Ghoulish Souls
along the horizon
we shared a view
from a room
over the train tracks
choo-choo, chugga-luggin through the night
the baron is out sight
So we bleed the sky of ethanol
and leave whats only bright

we heard an eerie tune come over the clock radio
it was a country waltz, you think this is our first rodeo?

it takes two
to tango
with a ghost
albeit most
times what we fear
is what our reflection holds
...our ghoulish souls
while the candle burns behind our orange tears

tip-toe'in across fallen leaves
to the house that keeps
frozen memories
of when we felt as one
in relation to our common man
candy corn in his hand
and a starter kit with just add water instant quicksand

we heard a haunted hymn come over the car tape deck
it was a spooky dirge if you ain't already been spooked yet
Track Name: Disaster
accelerated path
to disaster
it wasn't the way I wanted things to go down

but when we shared a laugh
was hopin' it would last
but it didn't, now I am lecturing you about you once taught me

not that I am waiting for
things to get better
cuz whats better than picking at a scab?

accelerated path
to disaster
it wasn't the way I wanted things to go down